• Can chemistry be consciously created?

  • Is it possible to envision and create a great relationship in the way an artist  imagines and paints a beautiful painting?

  • What would happen if a nation or an individual spent as much time, money and energy training two people to love one another as has been spent on the skill of splitting  one atom?

  • Is it possible  to predict the fruits of our choices in the same way as we predict the result of a recipe in our mouth?

  • Is chemistry all about the body or is it also created by our feelings and thoughts?

  • Is love one thing or does each person have their own definition and experience of love?

  • Is chemistry determined by who we interact with or is it determined by the behavior of anyone we interact with?

  • Can a spark be kindled and built into a fire or only put out once it is already there?

  • Is it rude or a compliment that someone wants to practice relationship skills with us?

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"To connect with Dane is to befriend a piece of myself. This gives permission to my soul to go out on limbs  because the connection is strong and safe enough. The terrain that opens up through the trust is so engaging and enriching. Much gratitude!"

Vicki, Chico CA